About the BenchClust category


This repository includes benchmarking for clustering and community detection techniques.

  • Summary of domain-agnostic clustering techniques. Method names along with their corresponding algorithmic details and computing platforms are provided.
Method Type Algorithm Library (function) [platform]
Partitional k-means stats (k-means) [R]
Linkage Hierarchical cluster (agnes) [R]
Model-based: Gaussian Mixtures Hcmodel mclust (hc) [R]
Density-based DBSCAN dbscan (dbscan) [R]
Subspace-based Hddc HDclassif (hddc) [R]
Graph-based: Community Detection Louvain igraph(louvain) [R]
Graph-based: Community Detection Infomap igraph(louvain) [R]
Graph-based: Shared nearest neighbor SNNclust dbscan (sNNclust) [R]

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