Omics downstream analysis

btest btest: a method to link, rank, and visualize associations among omics features across multi-omics datasets The tool is for general purpose, and well-powered association discovery in paired multi-omic datasets omeClust omeClust is a clustering method that detects clusters of features using omics data and scores metadata (resolution score) based on their influences in clustering. The similarity of features within each cluster can be different (different resolution). Resolution of similarity score takes to account not only similarity between measurements and also the structure in a hierarchical structure of data and number of features which group together. deepBreaks deepBreaks , a computational method, aims to identify important changes in association with the phenotype of interest using multi-alignment sequencing data from a population. BenchClust This repository includes benchmarking for clustering and community detection techniques. Tweediverse Tweedieverse is an R package for differential analysis of omics data implementing a range of statistical methodology based on the Tweedie distribution. omePath omePath is a generic tool for omics pathway enrichment analysis cellSight Know more: waveome This repository houses code for the Waveome package - an easy-to-use and powerful Python library that analyzes longitudinal data using Gaussian processes.
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